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St. Patrick’s Day and Personal Injuries

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St. Patrick’s Day and Personal Injuries

St. Patrick’s Day and Personal Injuries

Tuesday, March 17th numerous people will get their fill of alcoholic beverages and gather in bars to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Due to the vast number of drinkers on St. Patrick’s Day, it’s a dangerous time to drive a vehicle as many accidents can occur. Being aware of those around you and drinking responsibly are the two best ways to avoid injury on St. Patrick’s Day if driving cannot be avoided. Avoid the hassle caused by being in a car accident by considering the following points on St. Patrick’s Day;

Drunk Driving

Despite the illegality of driving under the influence, it is done by many people who claim they feel well enough to complete the task. Never allow yourself or someone you love drive while drunk because not only can he or she get injured but also the consequence of an accident will be much more severe than had he or she not drank. Scouting the roads while driving on St. Patrick’s Day is necessary in avoiding drunk drivers on the road. They can be usually identified by swerving or sudden movements. Staying out of the way of questionable cars will help to prevent injury, and if you suspect a driver to be drunk, pulling over and calling the police is the best way to ensure the safety of everyone on the road.

Plan Ahead

Knowing ahead of time that you will be drinking on St. Patrick’s Day gives you the opportunity to set up a ride in advance. Schedule a taxi or install a ride share app to ensure that you get home safely. If you host a party at your house, take it upon yourself to set up a taxi ride for your guests or offer them a place to stay over the night. Never let your guests drive themselves home drunk. Know that if you are the designated driver, that you need to drive cautiously and should plan an easy route in advance.

Avoid Driving

Avoid driving at all costs even if you do not plan to indulge in alcoholic beverages. Staying off of the road on St. Patrick’s Day makes it much less likely that you will be involved in a collision or accident. Taking public transportation or a taxi to a location will relieve the stress and worry of getting into an accident and allow passengers to drink with ease. If driving becomes unavoidable, know the safest route where the fewest number of cars will drive and drive with extreme caution.

Contact an attorney

If involved in an accident or collision, speak with the police and call an attorney immediately. Protecting one’s self monetarily is just as important as protecting your body because a car accident with a drunk driver can cost large amounts. If injured in a car accident on St. Patrick’s Day, calling an attorney will allow them to take over the stressful situation and give you time to heal and recuperate rather than worry about costs.

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