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Quality representation, affordable rates

Quality representation, affordable rates

Why Should I Choose The Jenkins Law Firm?

We at The Jenkins Law Firm provide top legal counsel and we have the heart and dedication to handle your case. We encourage you take a look at our team and areas of concentration. We have a diverse group of professionals that can help you in personal or business matters. We are big enough to seek the advice of fellow associates to sharpen each other with your case and we are small enough to provide you with the help you deserve efficiently and affordably.

Where Are You Located?

Jenkins Law Firm is located in Phoenix, Arizona, minutes from downtown, at 20th Street and Indian School Rd. For a map to our location see link here. Google Map</p> <p>We love helping our clients, so feel free to call us anytime at (602) 283-9868.

What Types Of Cases Do You Handle?

We handle a wide range of cases. Whether it is small business law, guardianships, litigations, landlord-tenant representation, enforcement of collection remedies, debt settlement negotiations, conservatorships, probate/trust disputes, individual and business bankruptcies, or personal injury, we can be trusted with your case.

How Can I Become A Client?

It’s easy. Come on in and see us! We care for you as well as your case. Where law firms in the past may have treated you harshly or required you to meet unforeseen obligations, we at Jenkins want to hear your case. Some of our clients have testified that when they walked into the firm they felt a sense of peace. It is because we genuinely care and want to help you. You are more than a number.

What Is Expected Of Me As A Client?

We want you to be comfortable and honest about your case. Only then, can we fully help you. If you are filing for bankruptcy, we can tell you the exact steps to follow and what to expect in your process going forward. If you are having a problem with an unruly tenant, we can help you in the matter. The first step is to be honest with us and open to our professional advice.

How Will I Stay Updated On My Case?

We are a small firm. When you walk in the doors, you become an intimate partner in our work. We handle your case as if it was our own. In many cases, we keep you informed before you know. However, if there are any questions, give us a call.

What Do I Do If I Have A Legal Question On A Different Matter?

We have a small but dedicated group of professionals. Someone can handle your personal matters and corporate and commercial matters. Together, we can answer all of your questions that you may have. As your case is processed and we work with you, you will get to know all of us on a first-name basis. Any matters you have will be discussed with openness and a willingness to help you, as a person as well as a client of ours.

Are There Any Cases You Won’t Accept?

We are a Biblically based firm. We believe that the Holy Bible is the basis for our modern justice system. We do not take on cases that seek to defraud others or in cases when we feel like our clients are being dishonest in any way. There are many examples in the Holy Bible where the debtor was forgiven, where a property was legally exchanged, where fiscal matters were disputed, and where justice was decided in the courts. We accept cases based on this belief, and that we believe we can handle competently based on our experience. It’s our goal to help you with any questions that you may have, so give the Jenkins Law Firm a call at (602) 283-9868.