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Phoenix Lawsuits/Litigation Attorney LaShawn Jenkins Files Civil Rights/Wrongful Death

Jenkins Law Firm > Wrongful Death  > Phoenix Lawsuits/Litigation Attorney LaShawn Jenkins Files Civil Rights/Wrongful Death

Phoenix Lawsuits/Litigation Attorney LaShawn Jenkins Files Civil Rights/Wrongful Death

Phoenix Lawsuits/Litigation Attorney LaShawn Jenkins Files Civil Rights/Wrongful Death


Lawsuit in Rumain Brisbon Shooting Case


Based on “a hunger and a thirst for liberty, justice, and equality for all Americans,” litigation attorney LaShawn Jenkins has filed a civil rights/wrongful death lawsuit in a case involving the shooting of an unarmed man by a Phoenix police officer and getting national attention for his efforts.

It is the latest case for Jenkins, who founded his firm in 2009. Although his firm handles a gamut of cases — everything from bankruptcy to landlord-tenant rights — this type of case has special significance for Mr. Jenkins due to his passion for social justice and his desire to help people using his knowledge of legal issues. It was the reason he went into law in the first place.

Mr. Jenkins is representing the estate of Rumain Brisbon in the federal lawsuit. Brisbon was an unarmed man who was shot in the back at point-blank range by a Phoenix police officer, Officer Mark Rine.

Officer Rine said he was at Brisbon’s apartment complex investigating a suspected drug deal when Brisbon pulled into the lot. Rine told Brisbon to step out of his car with his hands up.

Officer Rine has stated that he believed Brisbon was armed and was reaching into his waistband for a gun. A chase followed, and when Rine caught Brisbon he believed he felt a gun in his pocket, and that is when he fired two shots in self-defense.

Mr. Jenkins, however, said that the evidence and witnesses say otherwise.

Rumain Brisbon, said Mr. Jenkins, was returning from getting dinner for his family when he was confronted by Officer Rine in the parking lot of Brisbon’s apartment complex. Rine, according to Mr. Jenkins, “had no probable cause to arrest him [or] detain him. Nonetheless, defendant Rine attempted to engage Rumain Brisbon in conversation.”

Instead of talking with Rine, Brisbon “exercised his constitutional right to keep walking without engaging in conversation” with the officer. Rine charged after him, grabbing his left arm and holding it behind his back. Brisbon was forced into his apartment by Rine, at which point, Rine drew his weapon and ordered Brisbon to the ground.

Brisbon was unarmed and had his hands up as if he were “scared or surrendering” the entire time. Officer Rine shot him in the back, and despite the fact that Brisbon was seriously wounded, he shot him again in the side. The autopsy report stated that Brisbon’s spine was severed and some of his internal organs ruptured.

Brisbon was shot while lying face down on the floor of his apartment, in front of his small daughter and his girlfriend.

Mr. Jenkins described the event as a “serious, violent, wanton and unreasonable use of force.” The lawsuit lists assault and battery, wrongful death, deprivation of civil rights, intentional infliction of emotional distress, excessive force/police brutality, negligent training and supervision amounting to deliberate indifference, and survival act (damages for funeral and medical expenses and conscious pain and suffering).

Mr. Jenkins announced the lawsuit surrounded by Brisbon’s oldest daughter and other family members. The lawsuit is seeking $65 million in damages.

For more information on the Rumain Brisbon case, see this article from the Phoenix New Times.

Like Brisbon’s family, Jenkins Law Firm wants to help clients deal with legal issues. If you have legal questions or think you have been wrongly harmed, please contact Jenkins Law Firm at 602-483-4394 today!

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