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Nursing Home Abuse

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Nursing Home Abuse

It’s never an easy decision to put an elderly loved one in a nursing home. However, when the time comes for you to send family members to a nursing home, you deserve to know that they are getting the utmost care and treatment as possible. Unfortunately, nursing home abuse is a serious concern in Arizona, and hearing that this has happened to your loved one may leave you confused of where to turn for help.

It’s estimated that roughly 2.1 million nursing home residents are abused every year. If you are dealing with nursing home abuse call Jenkins Law Firm at (602) 283-9868 to assist you with the help and care that you need. Even if you aren’t sure about what you can do about the treatment of your loved one, we will provide you with a free consultation into your rights.


What Constitutes As Nursing Home Abuse?

Many people think that the only type of nursing abuse is purely physical in nature. However, there are other concerns to consider when dealing with nursing home abuse.

We protect victims from abuse due to emotional stress. If your loved one has been intimidated by yelling or threats, humiliated, ignored, isolated, mocked, or terrorized, these all fall under nursing home abuse. This is certainly not the type of care that you expected when putting your loved one in a nursing home; we will work according to our strong Christian beliefs to ensure that you are compensated for the ordeal.


Are There Other Forms of Nursing Home Abuse?

In addition to emotional damage, negligence is another concern to consider with nursing home abuse. Types of neglect include: not being administered their medications as prescribed, not having clean linens or clothing, being forced to live in unsanitary conditions, or being malnourished or dehydrated due to improper feeding.

Of course, nursing home abuse can also include physical violence as well. If you notice that your elderly loved one has unexplained cuts or bruises, broken bones, or clothing that is unsatisfactory, it’s vital that you get the representation that you need. In many cases, nursing home residents may fear telling you about the abuse they are enduring because they are afraid nothing will be done. This is why it’s important that you look out for these telltale signs and do what is necessary to protect your loved one.


What Should You Do if You Encounter Nursing Home Abuse?

While it may be difficult to put your elderly loved one in a nursing home, it’s important that you do so with the comfort of knowing they are being protected and looked after with the utmost care and attention. If you feel as if something is not being handled in a way that it should be, give Jenkins Law Firm a call today at (602) 283-9868. We will work hard to ensure that you and your loved one get the representation and care that you deserve.