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Five Ways Law Firms Can Protect Environment

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Five Ways Law Firms Can Protect Environment

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Five Ways Law Firms Can Protect Environment

Law firms are able to protect not only their customers from financial damage, they are also able to protect the environment. There are a variety of environmentally friendly practices that can be done right within the confines of an office that take little effort but can result in a large positive change to the environment.

  1. Recycling

Recycling is a simple way to be ecologically friendly within a law firm office. Shredding and recycling old paperwork that is no longer being used allows the paper to be reused, which gives back to the community. When recycling paper, office staff are constantly reminded about the need to be environmentally friendly. Paper is not the only thing that can be recycled within a law firm, old computers and devices can be recycled or donated to clear up clutter without having it end up in the landfill. Water bottles and soda cans can be recycled too.

  1. Unplugging and turning off equipment at the end of the day

Turning off equipment at the end of the day may sound like an obvious way to help the environment, but few understand why doing so does more than just reduce electricity costs. When turning off equipment and reducing energy, greenhouse gasses are limited and go down significantly. Greenhouse gases are harmful to the environment, which is why it’s important to monitor the amount of electricity being used. In addition to turning off devices, unplugging them is also a necessity in reducing greenhouse gasses. Turning off the lights also is important in reducing energy and thusly reducing greenhouse gasses.

  1. Increasing the amount of plants

Plants and trees are of the utmost importance to the environment because they are what create the oxygen for all organisms to breathe. Including plants within a law firm office can help to increase the amount of oxygen available for staff to breathe and create a natural environment. In addition to having plants within the office, law firm staff should attempt to plant more trees and plants on the outside to create a better environment. Planting plants and trees lets the community know that the law firm is dedicated to being eco-friendly and can potentially bring in more customers due to this.

  1.   Alternative commuting

Walking to work, riding a bike or carpooling are all types of commuting that can cause a positive effect within the environment. When driving cars, vehicles omit a large amount of carbon dioxide fumes which are bad for the air and the well-being of the environment. Opting to limit carbon dioxide production is a great way to encourage eco-friendly practices within a law firm office.

  1.  Switch to environmentally friendly products

There are a variety of environmentally friendly products available for law firm office use, including recycled paper, recycled equipment and eco-friendly light bulbs. Recycling materials and using recycled materials is a great way to help the environment, and so it using the twisty-florescent light bulbs that use less energy than the previous generation of light bulbs available.

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