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Having Trouble With Bankruptcy?

When considering whether or not you should file for bankruptcy, you may be experiencing a variety of disheartening feelings.   The embarrassment of having to go into bankruptcy, the fear of not knowing what will happen, and even concerns regarding your personal assets all might be some of the thoughts running through your head. This is why Jenkins Law Firm aims to provide you with discreet and confidential assistance that will help you decide the best option for your unique situation.

Upon meeting with us, we will review your personal situation to see what the best options are for you. Keep in mind that every case is different, so getting a straightforward and honest evaluation of your options is the only way to help you get out of the hole you might be in. Our team can help you to determine which filing may be best for you.

It’s our goal to help you with questions that you may have, so give Jenkins Law Firm a call at (602) 283-9868. We love helping our clients, so feel free to give us a call for a free consultation!


Chapter 7 – Liquidation

If you are overwhelmed or burdened with your current financial standing, you may want to consider filing for bankruptcy as a way to get the fresh start that you need.  Jenkins Law Firm helps clients to get out from the cloud of stress that comes with bankruptcy by evaluating your individual needs and determining the best course of action for you. In some cases, Chapter 7 may be the ideal option for those that need to file for bankruptcy.

In order to determine whether or not you are eligible for Chapter 7, give Jenkins Law Firm a call today at (602)283-9868 for a free consult. We’ll be happy to talk to you a bit more about what your best options may be, and also move forward with the best course of action for your case.


What Is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

For those who fall below a certain level of income, filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be the best option. With Chapter 7, you can receive assistance with getting rid of your unsecured debts, which typically include credit cards, personal loans, foreclosure or repossession deficiencies, judgments, bank loans, and even certain tax debts. Even though Chapter 7 is considered a liquidation bankruptcy, we will work to help you keep your home and as much of your other personal property as possible.


What Is Needed To File For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Luckily, filing for Chapter 7 can go quite quickly if you have everything that you need in order to make it an easy process. Some of the documents that you’ll need to provide during your Chapter 7 case include:

  • A complete list of creditors, along with the amount that you owe and the types of claims that have been taken out.
  • A listing of your income, including the amount, frequency and source.
  • A list of your personal assets, including property.
  • A list of the expenses that you pay monthly.


What Happens After You Have Filed For Chapter 7?

After you have filed for Chapter 7, a court will stop creditors from continuing to make efforts to collect from you.  We know how difficult it can be to go through life when your phone is ringing off the hook and someone is on the other line asking for money. This is why we will provide you with the assistance you need in an attempt to ensure that your life isn’t overwhelmed with such distress.

At Jenkins Law Firm, we aim to be the team of Phoenix bankruptcy lawyers that you can rely on. If you have a question about your case, don’t waste any more time. Instead, give us a call today at (602)283-9868 and we’ll get started working for you right away. Don’t let creditors continue to harass you and make your life difficult. Instead, consider how filing for Chapter 7 can change your life for the better.


Chapter 11 Bankruptcy – Reorganization

Jenkins Law Firm focuses on Chapter 11 bankruptcy and helping clients find financial relief during tough times. By filing for Chapter 11, companies can get protection from debtors while they work out a plan to pay back the obligations that they owe. With Jenkins Law Firm, you’ll get a team that aims to provide you with protection through Chapter 11, in order to ensure that the business you’ve worked so hard to create doesn’t fall apart in the blink of an eye.

Chapter 11 bankruptcy is meant for businesses who want to reorganize their debts. Chapter 11 may even be used in other cases aside from businesses, such as with a married couple that does not qualify for chapter 13 bankruptcy. We rarely recommend chapter 11 for individuals, but we can help you determine what’s best for your specific scenario.

If you need help determining whether or not Chapter 11 is best for you, give us a call at (602)283-9868 today. We’ll be happy to provide you with a free consultation and then move forward in the best way possible for you. As a firm that has been built on strong Christian values, we will do our best to represent you in an ethical way that has your best interests in mind.


What Is Chapter 11 Bankruptcy?

Chapter 11 bankruptcy is more commonly referred to as a time for “reorganization.” In most common cases, Chapter 11 is ideal for corporations, businesses, and even partnerships between individuals with large debts and assets that do not fall under Chapter 13. Although Chapter 11 is not typically best for individuals, we will happily take a look at each case and determine what is the best course of action.

The reason that businesses opt for Chapter 11 is because it provides quite a bit of flexibility and options that other chapters do not. In addition, the period of reorganization is meant to protect businesses and organizations, which can be ideal for those who are looking to get back on their feet and need the time to do so. Chapter 11 can help businesses avoid liens, reject contracts or leases without a penalty, and extend payment terms over a greater period of time. With Jenkins Law Firm, you are getting an experienced team of lawyers who focus in Chapter 11, and we’ll be able to get you the protection you need.


When Is The Best Time To File For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy?

There is no time to wait to file for Chapter 11. Many people feel embarrassed when having to file for bankruptcy, so they put it off with the hopes that they can turn things around. However, this often leads to even greater problems, including more losses as a company, as time progresses. In order to avoid this from happening, you need to contact a company to help you with your Chapter 11 case as quickly as possible.

With Jenkins Law Firm, we will work to get you a Plan Of Reorganization through a Chapter 11 filing. This plan will help to inform creditors of how they will be paid, which will then help you with progressing into Chapter 11.

If you need help with determining what type of bankruptcy filing you should make, give Jenkins Law Firm a call for a free consultation today. You can reach our office at (602)283-9868, and we will immediately get to work trying to help you as best as we can.


Chapter 13 – Individual Reorganization

Having financial struggles as an individual can be a horrendous experience. Here at Jenkins Law Firm, we want to help you get back on that path of financial stability. If you are contemplating filing for bankruptcy, call us today at (602)283-9868 for a free consult. We will talk more about the struggles you are facing, as well as the best course of action that you may want to take.

If you own a home, Chapter 13 bankruptcy may alleviate some of the burdens that you have due to your mortgage or automobile. With chapter 13, creditors will create a repayment plan for you that will be paid off over a predetermined amount of time. This choice is a very viable option as it will allow homeowners to keep their property, which would otherwise be liquidated in chapter 7.


What Is Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

As an individual, one of the most likely scenarios that you may want to consider is filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. With Chapter 13, you can reorganize some of your personal assets and debts. In doing so, you can hope to have a bit more time to feel better about getting your life back in order.

People who may want to consider filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy include:

  • Those who continue to have regular income that will allow them to stick to a repayment plan.
  • Those who want to reorganize their debts.
  • Those who want to avoid liquidating their personal assets.
  • Those who meet certain eligibility requirements set up for filing for Chapter 13.

One of the most common scenarios that we see at Jenkins Law Firm includes people who are having a hard time paying the mortgage for their home. However, with Chapter 13, creditors will create a repayment plan for you that will be paid off over a certain amount of time. This choice is a considerable option as it will allow homeowners to keep their property, which would otherwise be liquidated in other forms of bankruptcy filling.


When Should I File For Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

It’s important to keep in mind that your personal assets could be at risk if you don’t quickly determine a course of action for your bankruptcy filing. Therefore, we highly recommend that you give us a call at (602)283-9868 as quickly as possible. In addition, we may also recommend that you get a counseling session with an approved agency, which can help us determine what your options may be.

In most cases, a repayment plan that has been constructed from Chapter 13 bankruptcy can take anywhere from three to five years to repay, so it’s best if you get going on that repayment plan sooner rather than later.

As a team that was built on strong Christian beliefs, Jenkins Law Firm aims to protect its clients in the best way possible. We want to help you avoid the financial burdens that come with filing for bankruptcy, and we’ll go the extra mile to help you in these matters. If you need help with determining what type of bankruptcy you should file for, give us a call today at (602)283-9868. We look forward to speaking with you and helping you get back on the path to financial reorganization.


What Can You Do?

If you find yourself falling behind in payments and notice that the bills are only piling up higher and higher, then you need to rely on the help of a trusted bankruptcy lawyer. However, the truth is that the longer you wait to seek help, the more trouble you are going to be in.

At Jenkins Law Firm, it’s our goal to provide you with the assistance that you need. You don’t have to be alone in financially trying times, as long as you let us go at it with you. If you have any other further questions or concerns, feel free to give us a call today at (602) 283-9868. We look forward to hearing from you and determining what the best course of action is to get you the assistance that you need and deserve – call us today to set up your free consultation!